Toggle Delete Database Missing


In toggle under “when Toggle is turned off” i’m not able to see the database available for deleting. I can only see it under the option “create”.

What relationship steps do i need to establish first in order to make the list available under delete?

Can you show the screen where you have the toggle located? Also, is the “current data” available for that screen?

This is a list of events that links to a blank screen:

On the blank screen, the “Current Event” is selectable under the “Delete” settings:

Thanks flawless.

I asked the original question cuz i just started learning how to build this function. After watching the Youtube tutorial video and some experiments, I’ve finally got it by building the fundamental app for just this function. I’m clear now.

Any one interested in learning how to build with this function I can share my test app with you.

How you worded the functionality, you requested to delete the record.

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