Toggle - is it true that it can only pull data from one source list?

Hi - I want to confirm whether it is true that in order to make the toggle function to work that it can only pull data from a single database and cannot have more than one? I’m building an ecommerce app and as you can see in below images the same app screen 1) shows product content (sourced from product listing database) 2) can be added to/removed from favorite list (another DB than product listing) - because my product list enables users to post (create) products and remove products when they are sold but for favorite list the products are supposed to stay in user’s favorite list despite the favorited products are sold. If Adalo truly only allows toggle to connect to a single source list, in this case product list, then products would be removed from favorite list as soon as products get sold - can someone pls confirm this? This is a design question, maybe someone else has better ideas to work around this limitation or for the design.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Yes, it can only do 1 source at a time with the default “What does this toggle?” option.

However, there is the “Actions” section where you can perform multiple actions based on if the toggle is clicked on or off.

Simply add your extra actions there for when it’s turned on or off.

Thanks for your reply.

Riding on the same topic, it allows me to create another database when the toggle is turned on, but for when the toggle is turned off it doesnt allow me to delete the same database which I just created. Not logical if it can only let me delete that database on the next screen. Any ideas?

You’re better off doing the 2 icon method rather than a toggle.

What you’ll do is add 2 inputs, one above the other and a transparent rectangle behind both.

Like this:

Icon would perform your toggle/create actions. In this case, it updates the user and creates an order.

Select “Icon 2” and click “Make a list”. Again, this case, we’re doing “orders”:

Set the maximum to 1.

Now, you have the option to delete the created record within the icon 2’ settings.

Last, set visibility settings for Icon and List so that they are hidden from each other.

Hi, thanks for the advice.

But what to do about the second screen where I keep the consolidated bookmark list?

What do you mean?

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