Toggle/switch unintentionally deletes all my external data

Hi there,

I’m using a Switch component to toggle whether my external datatype ‘Store’ is open for sale or not. To do this I’m using a pair of custom actions that trigger a boolean; one that sets it to no/false and another one that sets it to yes/true.

The backend workflow should only trigger the Store’s boolean, but instead it deletes all store data. I don’t understand why - I set up the same trigger locally and couldn’t find any issues. Also I’ve used an exact copy of this method for a different datatype and it works like a charm.

See setup:

Has anyone else had experience with external data being deleted by a toggle or switch trigger?

P.S. I tried replacing the switch for a toggle as well, didn’t work.

Hi Renze @renzetc,

As for me this might be related to a custom action setup.
What external database are you using? Just in case, if it is Airtable, do you use PATCH (not PUT) to update the data?


Thanks for your reply @Victor, I’m using Bubble

And I’m using POST btw - PUT doesn’t work, neither does PATCH.


Hi @renzetc,

Thanks for clarifications. I’m not a big expert in Bubble, so it would be difficult for me to give an answer right away.

Maybe you could show how the custom action looks like? This could be useful for me or someone else who is more experienced in Bubble.

The “PUT vs PATCH” thing is Airtable-related; if you don’t change the PUT to PATCH for an update action, upon update it deletes all values in the fields which are not contained in update request. But this is not relevant in your case.

Best regards, Victor.