Conditional logique (Airtable)

Hello, during my previous tests the logical condition worked, which is no longer the case now.

The user performs a search with the command id, if the number is correct it is redirected to a “found” page but if the id is not correct I would like to direct the user to the “not found” page .

In the settings, only ‘contain’ is available, and ‘does not contain’ is not displayed on the select list.

Anyone have the solution or explanations?

Thank you

Hi @CrcoProject ,

Are you using external collection ?

Perhaps, you can make the app cloneable, so we can examine better.

Yes im using an external collection (Airtable)

And now really strange, because i create button list (limit 1 item) to send current data to the next page and it was working since few days and now the button is hide when the input is empty.

Adalo support for external collection is very limited, it is not their strength.

But if you have to use it, combine with custom action, REST API is the only supported one currently, I try to stay away from external collection as much as possible.

But if I have to, I am planning to use Xano and Supabase, I can connect to them but still no relationship. With Xano, create and delete is already built in with normal action, but update still need custom action.

I think @AddyEdwin might have some experience with this. Or perhaps @miro .

You can tag anyone you think have previous experience based on their previous posts.