Update on Airtable (URGENT HELP)

Hey guys,

I’m trying to change registration in Airtable, in API I marked as PATCH, see below…

To record the data it’s working perfectly, but not to change it, I don’t know what else to do.

I’ve searched here on the forum and found similar cases but there is no solution.

Help me please, it’s urgent.


It’s typically better to do this through the Custom Actions rather than the External Collections in Adalo. It’s also important that your API call does not send null (empty) fields and that the values you are sending match the data types in Airtable. For instance, numbers sent to number fields, text send to text and single select fields, and boolean values sent to checkbox fields, etc.


Thanks for the answer…

From what I researched I can send empty fields as long as it is marked as PATCH in the API. It should work in my opinion.

I’m not very experienced with Adalo and Airtable. how could i do this by Customer Actions ? And What is the differency bt both

External collections can be used like this, but custom actions are able to be placed on buttons not related to a specific data item as well. You can also more easily setup different query parameters without affecting the function of the overall collection.

More info on setting up a Custom Action can be found here: Custom Actions - Adalo Resources

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