🏛 Town Hall - March 2022

That’s a great idea. I actually had something like that in mind. Our CX team is trying to get biweekly webinars off the ground. They were mainly focusing on new users. Would you, and other active users, like to participate in hands on webinars with our CX team? Or would you rather have a list of questions that I go and find answers to, possibly interviewing people throughout the company and then combining them into one longer video?

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Mu suggestions is just look at the forums (and support tickets if you can) regularly to see if there are any questions that have a lot of discussion, or issues that you think might be useful for multiple users to know and use that as a starting point?

You could also ask if folks have questions, but you know that’s going to devolve into a long list of the same old questions from the same people that you can’t answer anyway… :thinking:

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1st option (webinar with CX team) is probably a better option instead of going through questioins.


Brilliant Video Jesse! Useful Information!

You are doing your job nicely! Keep making these useful videos!

Thanks again Jesse for doing this and Thanks David for sharing these awesome information with us!

Adalo Rock :sunglasses:

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Great suggestion, I’d say perhaps a bit of both.
Perhaps suggestions could be publicly posted which would allow the community to upvote the most popular topics.
And then perhaps a masterclass webinar once a month…

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Excellent information @jessehaywood. Thank you! I was pleased to hear how the new marketplace and Adalo’s efforts to focus on underlying infrastructure improvements are correlated. Makes good sense. Looking forward to seeing that crucial engineering team hire pay dividends.

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Hello David and Jesse:
Thank you so much for the town hall video allowing David to update us on the big picture. I have moved to Adalo to develop apps for my clients. Moved from Bravo Studio because clients did not understand that their designer’s design style was not what works for Bravo Studio. The other reason was the kind of work required for mapping screen input and output fields to databases – again clients don’t understand the level of work required. The awkward sign in /sign up process is almost self defeating. I understand that you are a relatively new start up and that there a things that may not be ready immediately – not a problem. I applaud your encouragement of the Component Marketplace. Visual Basic of a couple decades ago was the most successful product that Microsoft had and a large part of that was their Component creators.
As a member of your community, I am happy to work with your team to help make Adalo a huge success.
Many thanks - Mary

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Hi David and Jesse;

I am looking to build Web Apps and am very encouraged that it is on your roadmap to finesse the existing process.
If you need a committed Web Apps maker to provide feedback as your team goes along, Please contact me. Thanks. Mary