📣 Community Update - February 2022

Hey y’all :wave:

This is our February Community Update. My plan is to update you on what’s going on at Adalo each month. You can expect to learn what we’ve shipped, what we’ve fixed, who we’ve hired, and much more.

:tada: We’re Just Getting Started

We are really excited about what we’ve accomplished in 2021 and what is coming in 2022. We are shipping more and have a lot of stuff on the horizon to help you succeed as an Adalo maker. This past year we spent a lot of time working on us and making sure the foundation is solid for what is to come. We improved a lot of internal systems that will make us more efficient and able to bring you the features you need.

:construction_worker_man: We Hired a VP of Engineering

First off, we hired a VP of Engineering! His name is Guislain, and he comes to us from New York City. He is originally from France, and studied Software Engineering in Paris and then Australia. He worked at Amazon and then Squarespace for 7 years. He will be wearing a lot of hats, but one thing he will be tackling head on is performance and architecture so your apps can scale! We are really excited about the skills he brings to the table.

:world_map: Location Features Are Coming

We’ve been making substantial progress on the location features. The UI is looking great, testing is going smoothly, and our developers are cranking out some important elements.

:paw_prints: AND/OR Logic Release

We released a much requested feature: AND/OR logic for list filters! You can now make your list and dropdown filters much more complex by choosing between AND & OR logic, or mixing the two.

:moneybag: Updated Component Marketplace

Our updated component marketplace is almost complete and ready for the world. You can expect at least 20 new components when it launches. This update will enable component developers to create a business within the Adalo ecosystem. As a maker, you will be able to purchase components within the editor and drag them right into your app. I’m really excited about this one!

:lock: Collection Permissions Launch

We launched collection permissions. This allows you to control access to information on your app. So, the information is only available to those you choose. You can customize this access to four different levels. Check out the video. View help documentation.

:handshake:🏿 Webinars and Town Halls

We are going to be adding some live/recorded content to our calendar! We are bringing back Town Halls and adding regular webinars! Town Halls will be each month. I will be posting a link for you to share your questions and I’ll be answering them in a recording, posted to a new platform and here on the forum. Also, our CX team will be hosting regular webinars on this new platform. They are planning for the first webinar to go live on the 16th of March! There will be a place for you to register and receive reminders. They will be covering some “gotcha” type of topics that many makers face early in their onboarding into Adalo. i.e. database structure, visibility rules, and layout issues across platforms. They want to do some live sessions where they talk through these in a hands-on way. They will also have a “structured” Q&A at the end to cover some more specific issues makers are facing. You will be able to send these questions in and get them answered in real time.

:mortar_board: Adalo App Academy Coming in May

Adalo App Academy work is underway. The plan is to launch in the middle of the year. This will be your go to place for video courses on Adalo and beyond. There will be lessons on branding, marketing, design, etc. If you are a content creator and want to make a course around building in Adalo, shoot me a DM and we can discuss next steps.

:technologist: New Features for Component Developers

We launched and improved some great features for component developers. If you upgrade to the latest cli version, you should be able to publish natively on Windows now. Additionally, Sharing private components just became easier! Now, to install a free private library, the workflow is as simple as sharing a key — no more inviting developers to your team. Keys can be created and revoked at any time.

:zap: Quick Highlights

A few more quick highlights. We released a changelog! We’ve done some internal work to make our testing more efficient. We have begun very preliminary research into versions and states. We launched a new signature component. We launched the ability to set max length on text components. We added new date formats. Finally, we launched some screen action updates.

:lady_beetle: Notable Bug Fixes:

:alarm_clock: Help Ticket Response Time

Our average ticket first response time during business hours over the past 30 days is 4.42 hours.

Thank you for reading! 2022 is going to be one heck of a year. I’m excited to see all that we launch. I’m more excited to see what you all make! What updates are you most looking forward to? Leave me a comment below :point_down:

:clinking_glasses: Cheers to a great year,

Jesse Haywood
Community Manager at Adalo
:bird: @social_haywood


Excited to check out all the new components that will launch with the upcoming marketplace.


AND/OR Logic Release is Cool


Finally some fresh air.
I hope that all these improvements will greatly enhance the creativity of makers.


If you could have any component, what would you want made?

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Excited about all these news. This is the beginning of much to come. I’m coming back with force this week with the channel taught how to use Adalo.

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Brilliant! This is Awsome!

Wow! I like this!

This is going to be Awsome! Cool!

  • OR operator for visibility conditions.

  • Ability to add many visibility conditions for one component with AND/OR operators and without grouping to set multiple conditions.

  • Nice view to view our apps. Like tiles view. Then if a user has many apps like 40,50 then he/she can find them easier.

  • A Update for Adalo Docs. ( like new screenshots/videos with new layout so the newbies can understand how Adalo works, more tutorials about custom actions,external collections )

  • External Users officially launching.

  • Not sure if this is possible but Bulk Update/Delete action with single click.

Last but not least the DARK MODE :new_moon: feature!

These are Just my thoughts :wink:

Hope Adalo Team can add this features soon!

Adalo Rock! :sunglasses:


If we already have a component installed that will become a premium component, it it still free because it was previously installed or do we have to pay for those components to keep them?

I commend you for your commitment to transparency @jessehaywood, and your efforts to respond to the community’s concerns and wish lists. These are traits of a leader worth following.

Congratulations on the VP of Engineering hire as well! I’m heartened to see you leading with this news. A robust, reliable and scalable platform is - of course - the bedrock that all of these other exciting improvements must be built upon.

You guys have created something special here with Adalo. If your backend infrastructure improvements can catch up with the amazing progress you’ve made on the front-end, I have no doubt that Adalo will assume its place as the gold standard by which all other no-code mobile app development platforms are judged.

Keep up the good work!


Fortunately, no components will be transitioning from Free to Premium! So, you will be good to go :+1:

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Awesome thank you!

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If you’re asking what new components we would like to have, I’d really like a deep link component that works for iOS (I can’t get the Pragmaflow one to work). I need it for multiple use cases (deep linking to app from an email or website, linking to pages from Stripe checkout, etc). That’s my most pressing need.

Just in case that’s what you were asking :slight_smile:


I think the true value of your paid marketplace will come from all sorts of third party SDK connections like Firebase, AdButler, Chartboost, amity.co, etc. That and paid premium templates/custom list designs would benefit all.

Don’t get me wrong, better UI components like gradients, truly custom icons, etc are just as awesome, but realistically most of those should be accomplished from Adalo itself into the default builds.


@jessehaywood Excellent! we are looking forward to it.

For the Component Marketplace, will be perfect one component of “Calendar with more features” like adding color in each event and the color of the event can be seen in all the days of duration, not only on the start and end days.


The possibility for deeplinking into a webapp (based on a url).
This is a very important feature for me for organic growth.


It’s all about the lists!

Completely customizable swipe list.

Completely customizable horizontal lists.

Map lists similar to those on trulia.com

Your lists within lists is the reason i left wix.