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How do I track how often the app being opened every day? Thanks!

Hi! You can add a number property to users collection, after that you can set a background action for the loading screen to update this number property of users. But I think Adalo display to you how many active users you have.

I do not require users to log in at all. I just want to know in general how often the app is opened

@Phoenix You can see that by analytics. It shows every details. Like how many users pass a screen,active users like every details. @Phoenix you have to publish to see these details.

Adalo is the best :fire: :facepunch: :ok_hand: :blush:

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The app was published on the 9th of September - I will update this post in 2-3 days to see if some opening are shown on the 10th/11th.

However, is there another way to see how often the app is opened?

Ok, so apparently the analytics page of adalo only tracks registered users. But I need app openings from any users. How do I do that?

@Phoenix then do like this.

In your user collection create number properties for your screens.
Eg:- Opened home screen,opened sign-up screen,open login screen like that.
If you want to check openings for a one screen then create a one number property for that screen.
Then click the screen and then click actions. Then create a action update logged in user.
Then you created some properties know. So choose magic text logged in user number property ( opened home, opened sign-up etc. Select the correct property for that screen. )
After selecting magic text type +1.Then follow these same steps for other screns. Then you are done. When you follow these steps you can check app openings (from screen openings) for every user.

So it worked like this. When the user visits the screen it’s updating the number property. Then you can see how many times did a user visits a screen.

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Or you can do like this too.

Create a one number property in your user collection like opened.
Then for every screen set a action update logged in user opened (number property) and set the magic text logged in user opened (number property) +1 .

Set this action for every screen. Don’t change anything. Then you are done.

So it worked like this. When you created like this it’s not calculating opened times for every screens. It’s calculating for every screen and adding together. A one number is displayed in the number property.

I think this will be good. Because 1st option is doing automatically by Adalo. So I think this option will be your answer.

Thank you.:blush::blush:

Thanks for your help!

However, does any solution work if the users are not logged in? There is no account option for my users, because there is no need for it

Hi @Phoenix !! :wave: :wave:
You want like this know?


yes, that looks good!

@Phoenix Do like this. I will send a video. Give some time.

@Phoenix I have a question. Do you need this one for the all screens or only for the home screen?

@Phoenix I think you don’t need this for the all screens because it’s automatically doing from Adalo.

only the main screen :slight_smile:

Ok. I will send a video. Give me 5 minutes.

Here’s the video @Phoenix .

Thanks a lot @dilon_perera

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