Trello/Zapier Connection Issues

Hello All,

First off, thank you for being the best community in the game. The forum has been a massive help, I Just unfortunately haven’t been unable to figure this problem out. My question is as follows.

I am creating a notifications app. My app needs to populate notifications on a daily basis. I am using Zapier and Trello to help me.

How would I go about making an update on Trello that would then populate on the Adalo app? I have already connected Trello and Adalo in which the testing works on Zapier. However the problem that seems to be is that there is no populated data from the Trello. Please see the screenshot below.

Thank you again for being the best and I hope we can find a solution!

Hi Jayson, welcome to the forum. Without having access to your app, this would be difficult to test. If you are comfortable granting me access then I could have a look and see if your settings are correct.


Hi Craig!

Thank you for your response.
We would really appreciate if you look at how we set things up.
How would we go about granting you access?


Hi Jayson,

You would need to add me as a team member. I will send you my email address.


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