Trigger event when new record created via API like in Zapier?

Hey all,

If you look at Adalo in Zapier, there is a trigger event that happens when a new item is created in a collection.

Is it possible to this without Zapier via API? We have our own backend web app and I would rather use that than Zapier but I don’t see any documentation related in API docs.

The items are being created and not by a user, so I don’t think I can use a custom action either since the user is nor pressing any buttons…All happening in the backend.

Any advice please?

Thank you.


Hi @Michaelr2021,

Not sure reg. Zapier, but in Integromat it is implemented via “polling” the collection (i.e. asking if new items has been created every X minutes).
Btw if you have a backend app, integration via Integromat might be useful.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks Victor, I was actually looking to NOT use Zapier or Integromat as this will happen a lot. Wanted to rather just use my backend app.

Hi @Michaelr2021,

Well, if I get your requirements correctly:

  • new records in Adalo DB are created via API from some external service
  • you’d like to do something with these new records
  • you DON’T want to use any user actions for this (i.e. app is closed)
  • you DON’T want to use any 3rd party service like Inregromat for this

then as for me I don’t see any way to achieve your goals with these requirements.

Adalo apps don’t have any “backend” engine which is running in a background and performing tasks and data manipulations. To work with data in the DB, you either need to have some user action made from the app (like button click), or automated action made from the app (like timer-invoked actions), or some API call from 3rd party service.


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