Trigger notifications click action not redirecting to mentioned screen, rather circles back to home page

Hi Team

My trigger notifications are working fine on both ios and Android, however on clicking the notification, it doesn’t redirect to the mentioned screen, rather it redirects to home page.

Can you please help urgently.


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Hi Vikas,

I suggest you to Submit a Support Ticket!

And also check again if you set the screen to correct screen! And a question that after clicking on the notification does it goes to the mentioned screen and then going back to the home screen or does it goes directly to home screen instead to mentioned screen?

Thank you

Hi Dilon

Thank you for the reply. I will raise the support ticket, it first goes to mentioned screen and then loads to home screen. Do you know anything regarding this?


Hmm… In the mentioned screen, is there a link action added as a screen action or a countdown added with a link action?

No, I have checked it all, and it is happening all over the app. There is neither any screen action not any countdown.

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