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notifications issue
Hey anyone having this issue,
when I tap on the notification received on my ios device, it takes me to the screen linked but a few seconds after it takes me out of the screen and it sends me to the home screen.
I’m I doing anything wrong?
Thank you in advance for any feedback

Do you have an action on that page to send the user to the home screen for any reason?

Hi Bobby,
yes, I have one on the top bar and also on the post button.
but must pages do, right?
do you think this could be the problem?

What I mean by that is sometimes people put actions on the pages themselves.

For instance my home page checks to see if the user is using the current version of my app and if not then redirects them to where they can download it. This action happens when the page is loaded:

will do, ill keep you posted.
thank you Bobby :pray:

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I see, no I don’t have that action set up on any of the pages that I’m linking on the notifications.
I also checked and I don’t have a send back to home page action that page neither, I just have a send back action, but it takes them to their profile page.

Ive never tried to link to a chatroom from a notification.

It could be that the room does not have the user info that it’s looking for. Maybe try linking them to their profile if there is a place from their profile where they can get to their messages?

Thank you for the input.
Ill try that and ill keep you posted

Hi Bobby,
Yea I tried sending them to their profile page as well and still sent them back to the home page.
I also REGENERATE the API KEY just in case, and nothing all the same.
My other option is to delete a countdown that I had set up on a splash screen with an action to send users to the home screen at the end of the countdown.
Ill keep you posted

Yeah, If you have some sort of function setup to automatically send the user to the home screen that must be what is interfering with it.

Hey Bobby, it was that, it looks like adalo push notification and the countdown component can not be active at the same time.
Thank you so much for your help. :pray:

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