Trigger notifications issue


I have a button when i press it it will update a list with new info.


There is 2 actions

First actions : is creating new list names general order

Second action is creating a list called employee list

The point here is : when customer creat an order and picking order items from menu items and creat an order

In the same time general order will save the order that customer created

And employee order will have the order that costumer created.

So if employee declined the order the action of decline will be delete employee order but it will stay saved in general order.

My questions are :
1- how can i make the list of employee order pop up in the certain page?

2- how can i make the general order when created create a loop goes into the employees pop up for each employee. If employee declined the order the loop will goes to another employee.

Because right now the button of creating order will create employee order And this employee order will appear for all employees in the same time.

Note : i want to make the pop up order appear just like skip the dishes and door dash.

Thank you in advance.