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I am creating a food ordering app, and I would like the restaurant owner could receive a push notification every time there is a new order. The app will be published in the web, but not in Google or Apple Store.

Is it possible to send push notifications without publishing the app in the stores? How can you do it?

I have read that using Make could be possible, but it sends data every 15 minutes, so it would not be as fast as I would like. My purpose is to send notifications inmediately after anyone order the food. Is there any way to do it?

The action “Trigger notification” in the actions menu is only for Google/Apple Store apps? I read much information but it isn´t clear for me.

Thanks in advance!

You cannot send Push notifications to a Webapp, my suggestion is to have an email sent to the restaurant and being popped out on the screen when new order arrives, and in addition to an app

You can make a custom notification by playing a sound tune using webview component when new order arrives, also can show something on the screen if you want

I have done the same for restaurant web app, it is not straight forward at all but it is doing the job perfectly

let me know if you need the details

Thank you Jimmy.

Is it not possible to send push notifications using Make/Zapier + OnePushSignal or other push notification tool?

To send an email to a Gmail account, how can you do it so that the message is instant?

Thank you Moh.

How can you show something on the screen? Can you detail it?

It is not about how you send it. It just that Adalo webapp doesn’t support notifications yet.

You can use sendgrid api, Abracadalo.com for sending instant email notifications

I mean on restaurant app, you can have a screen for the list of incoming orders, this list can be “Auto Refresh” so whenever new order comes it should appear instantly, and you can design whatever you like, something like a big banner on top with shiny color, and this banner will be also a list of the new orders (with limiting the result to 1 record) with “Auto Refresh” will appear only when new order is coming
in my case I manage the orders status with an ID so the notification list is checking on orders with status ID 1, not sure how the design in your case

It may be possible. I have put a OneSignal tutorial on my roadmap as many users have requested help with it. I should know by the end of the week.

It’s definitely possible to do something like a “snackbar” notification in-app also.

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Thank you all for your responses. I will try all of them and see which one fits better with my project. Thank you!

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