Please Help - Components not visible

I’ve been learning Adalo and thought I was doing well until I got stuck on this.

My “User profile” screen has three components

  • An image linked to a collection image
  • A button which is not linked to anything yet
  • A list which is linked to a collection. of posts

I have linked to the “user profile” screen from lists on two other screens (“Home” and “Explore”)

When clicking the list on the “Home” screen that takes me to the “User profile” screen I can only see the button component that is not linked to anything. The image and list do not show up at all


If I access the “User Profile” page from the list on the “Explore” screen I can see all three components working correctly.

Final thing - If I set the Home Screen to the “user profile” screen - I can only see the button component

Hope this all makes sense and any help would be much appreciated

I have also attached a link to a video capture for more info Dropbox - 2023-02-07 20-23-57.mp4 - Simplify your life

And finally a link to the preview in Adalo GigRunner

Hi @matt_overdue,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I guess it’s because you have added current user details so the list on the explore screen pass user data and then it displays the data but if you go through the home screen posts list that pass the post data. To show the user’s data of the clicked post you need to add current post > user > property.

I believe the solution for this is to duplicate the current User Profile screen and then rename it as like User Profile 2 and then you can link the post list in the home screen to that screen and then in that screen you can populate the components with current post > user > property.

Let me know if you didn’t figure this out!

Thank you

Thank you so much for the help, I will try this shortly and get back to you

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