Lists not displaying on home screen

Hello everyone. I am struggling quite a lot with getting some lists to display on my home page. These lists include a user’s profile picture, their username, and full name. The reason these components must be lists, is so they can accurately link to the users profile. I’ve hired several experts, and they’ve found some work arounds, but none that are completely solid.

I should note, the method of displaying and linking these properties has always worked, until randomly the list items just stopped populating. Also, when scrolling down the home page, when you eventually hit a certain point in the post lists, ALL of the list items from all posts you scroll past then populate. It doesn’t make much sense.

An Adalo expert found me a work around that involves a second user profile, which that whole profile page is a list. This is fine, for now, but a couple issues arise with it being that a LOT of the time, it displays the wrong information. Such as, it’ll show the wrong reputation count, the wrong username, profile picture, etc… Then you go back to home, go to the same user profile, and it shows everything correctly. So that obviously has its issues in reliability. Though it’ll hold us over for now.

One more note, and I think this one is important. When I make COPIES of the app, then create a couple of users, all of the lists populate perfectly. I just don’t understand. The linking issues across the entire app that this all has caused trying to figure it out is now horrendous.

Additionally, when I had this issue in the past, I went through my user database and deleted a bunch of users that were created before my “user verify email” function was created ( integration).

I’ve submitted another ticket to the Adalo team, relaying as much information as I possibly can. The Expert that I am currently working with has told us it seems to definitely be an Adalo bug, and to reach out to them again. If anyone has experienced something like this, please do let me know what might have helped. I’ll include pictures of what it currently looks like when the picture, username, and full name are set to lists (how they need to be) where it does not populate the information, and picture 2 is what it is supposed to (and always has in the past without problems), but it doesn’t seem to populate anymore as lists.

Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble and all over the place, any advice is appreciated.
How it currently looks as list items:

How it’s supposed to look as lists:

Preview: Adalo

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