Trouble with adding actions to my button


I am trying to have a section in my app where users can leave their comments for others to see. I added a button but do not know how to attach the action that is required to do that. Please help.

Hello @tara
I think it’s not complex. I’d make some guess based on what you wrote in your post:

  1. you need the comments to be visible to other users, thus you’d need a database to store the created comments and from which pull the existing ones to be shown. It can be a very simple table with just two fields, “comment” and “name” (or “email”).

  2. In the app’s screen you should place a button that enables a form to create a comment - the button might be displayed under some conditions (I set it to be visible based on a boolean condition attached to the user). When you press that button, it disappears and the form appears. When you’ve submitted your comment, the form disappears and the initial button is displayed again.
    You can realize similar conditions, based on your app’s flow.

  3. once created, the comment will be added to the list of visible ones.

I drafted a solution here: sandbox

maybe it can help you



Can you please review my comments and stories section and let me know if I did it correctly so that my users will be able to leave their comments and stories?


would you provide a link or? :slight_smile:

Thank you!!