Trouble With Multi Sided App

Hi all, I’m currently working on creating an app similar to Patreon and I need Admin users to essentially have three profiles that they’re responsible for (their regular profile and two groups with different levels of access). However, I’m having trouble making the components within the two groups respond correctly. The three major issues I’m running into are as follows:

  1. With forms, I can only make a new group and not edit an existing one.
  2. On the client side, I cannot make the two groups display non-static information (ie update automatically based on the profile of the Admin that they are looking at the group of).
  3. Despite having created a relationship in the database, I’m unable to make the software understand that the two groups belong to the Admin so many of the options for database information are unavailable.

If anyone could help, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Hi and welcome to the Adalo forum!

There’s a lot to unpack here, so I might hop around a bit. In short, I think you need to work on understanding linkages in Adalo. That’s where all of these issues step from.

First, to edit a group, you need a way to tell the form you want to edit a specific group. If you have a list of groups, the user clicks a group and goes to the form page, as long as the form page has available data > current group, you’ll be able to change the form settings to update the group instead of create.

Displaying data from the admin, as long as there’s only ONE admin per group, this should be easy. In your relationships you should have magic text showing current group > admin > XXXX (where XXXX is name, email, etc.). That should be an easy linkage.

For relationships, you need many groups to one user. When you create the groups, add that user as the admin. This should be an easy linkage as well.

To recap, try showing groups as lists and filtering to only show the relevant values. This should drive the available information on the next screen which will in turn drive the magic text available.

Hope that helps,

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Hey @Erik thanks for this! This is my first ever adventure into anything coding, and my project is probably a bit too complicated for my skill level haha. I’m going to try to implement what you’ve advised and see if I can make it work. Thanks again!

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Sure thing. let me know if you have any other questions. if this resolves your question, please mark it as the solution so others can easily find it when searching for similar problems.

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