What are the conditions of enabling add/remove options as updating database?

  1. Trying to add an action to a group
  2. Under actions, under a database I created data fields
  3. On the same group, i added to update the same database
  4. In this database, I’m not seeing the options of adding/removing another database. I do see the option of selecting that another database only, however.

p.s. understand that most developers on this forum have to protect their own assets/IPs so can only limit the info/context they are able to share with each other. Let me know if you are still unclear about the 4 points of the scenario I presented above, then I’ll figure out how to share more exactly under a safer circumstance.

to supplement, please see images below.

edited original post, supplemented with images.

ok, can you tell us:

1 - which databases are you trying to connect
2 - which fields?

Maybe add a screenshot of each database too?


Hi sorry about the delayed reply as I only work on the Adalo app part time.

Added a screenshot - let me know if thats sufficient to answer your 2 questions.

The left is where I face trouble with; the right one is my target solution.


@cult_xxx_master are you saying that when you try to fill that Members field you don’t see Add Logged in user or Remove Logged in user? For to see that you need a Many to Many relationship! What type is a relationship that Members?

@dilon_perera Yes, that’s it! Thanks! That is the solution to my issue - changing member DB relationship to many to many.

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problem solved.

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