Trouble with "Sometimes" link forwarding


I have created a Database Collection called User Roles. In this Collection, there are 5 User Roles available: Admin, Director, Coach, Mentor, and Founder.

I have created a Relationship between the Collection Users and the Collection User Roles. A User can have multiple Roles and a Role can have multiple Users.

I have created a Screen called Complete Profile, where people are sent to after they sign up. On this screen, people add information in a Form and click on the Submit Button to continue. I have set the Link Action to link to the Home Screen - Sometimes - When Logged in User > User Roles contains Founder.

The test user has the correct User Role, but is not forwarded to the Home Screen. When I change Sometimes to Always, the forwarding works correctly. When I change it back to Sometimes, it stops working again.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


We need to see your settings.

You could have other elements in place affecting the flow.

Please, share screenshots or a screen recording (I recommend Loom).

Thanks a lot, @charleshope

Here is the screenrecording.


Hi Henk,

Could you try adding this condition to the Link action?

Link to the screen only when All > User Roles > Count > is not equal to > 0. And add two filters that Name > is equal to > Founder and Users > All > Contains > Logged in user.

Thank you

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Thanks, @dilon_perera
Your suggestions helped me experiment more and finally I found the solution.

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