2 different user roles are not linking to 2 different pages

I’ve checked everything, but I still have no clue what I am doing wrong.


  • If I login with the User Role teacher I want to be redirected to the Teacher page.
  • If I login with the User Role parent I want to be redirected to the Parent page.

What actually happens

  • The user is logged in, brought to the homepage and there it shows the right user role. Nothing else is happening. It should actually redirect (link) directly further to the teacher or parent page.


User db:

Home page actions:

Am I overlooking something?
Thanks for helping me out with this!

From my experience, on Screen Actions in the Home Screen never really worked well, expecially Linking actions. What I do now for multi-sided apps is a SplashScreen set as Home Screen, in which an animation or countdown does the conditional action.

That’s a pity that it’s not working that well Eugen. I’ve seen it working though in this movie here from @Victor: Tutorials: users and admin access to different screens

Thanks for your suggestion. Do I understand you right that your solution would always mean some sort of delay and the homescreen would then be some sort of ‘intermediate’ screen with an animation (loader or so) where the linking is on the animation?

Hi @Toms ,

You might have set up the condition incorrectly.
Can’t check it right now, but I think that you didn’t select the Name of the role (Logged-in User → Role → Name), but the Role itself (which is not a string but a database record). Therefore the comparison doesn’t work.

To test the conditionals, you can try to compare string / numeric property with the text you enter.

Hope this helps

Best, Victor

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W00t w00t! That was it @Victor! Thank you very much! Good learning!

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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