Troubleshooting field display

I have inherited an adalo web app - I have a field that is only displaying 1 character - I have never used adalo so not even sure how to get to the correct screen (as they are so small I can’t zoom)

can someone help me out?


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ctrl+ use the round part of the mouse

You can use the right and left keys on the keyboard to move left and right.

by the way welcome to the adalo family :clap: :pray:

thank you! so all that does is make everything bigger - the screens get slighter bigger but continue to move off the screen … not seeing a scroll bar and the text is HUGE

Can you show an example photo?

see how large the text is at the top and the screen images are so small…

I think you increased the rate of google zoom feature. To zoom your adalo app please set google zoom to 100% and zoom in and out using mouse wheel ctrl+mause middle wheel

thanks - how would you do that on a Mac - I followed what I found on the Adalo troubleshooting screens which is the increase screen size… sorry like I said I’m new and so far not impressed w Adalo the load speed is horrible … like over a minute to load the screen :frowning: