In Editor How to see full size screens


Total newbie here, I have been a Bubbler for many years and I am testing out Adalo for a client. (I also use Caspio for another client)

I created a new app using a template, just to get familiar, but I can barely see each screen, I can’t scroll across, but if I scroll down it is slow.

The biggest problem is I can’t open the screen in full view to edit, unless I zoom in using the browser zoom and them everything is huge.

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You can zoom in and out and pan around the workspace and screens (not browser zoom). Ctrl + scroll wheel / slide on trackpad etc on a Mac.


Thanks so much Tony, I am getting the hang of zooming in and out, and it makes sense to me now why they are laid out this way, so I can zoom out and see multiple scenes.

I think it just took me a while to get used it it :slight_smile: