True/False on forms


Does anyone know how to get the true/false property working on a form ? It appears blank and I would like to have that property on the same page than the form.
I’ve seen that it was discussed on forum few months ago, but the clone is not available anymore.

Thanks a lot

Hi Chrl,

You should be able to access the true/false property in the form settings.

What I’m guessing happened is that you added the true/false when you had the form so it didn’t update the properties that were in the collection.


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It seems so, when the form is already created, nothing is displayed. The field has to be set when you create the form.

Thanks a lot

Hey @chrl, once a form has been added to a view, and you add a DB item for that form after its added, you need to click the form, click Fields (left menu), and then Add the fields you just added. They do not dynamically add when you add the DB field. It’s manual.

As @James_App_Maker mentioned add or delete the entire form, and re-add the whole form again which will display all fields (as required). You probably already know that :slight_smile:


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