Is there a way to put "no change" on a "true/false" filed?

When I try to make some experiment on a collection adding a true/false property, I go to an old action and set this new property on True.
After some attempt I understand that this action doesn’t need to change that parameter, but I can’t set the action on that field on “No change”.
So I have to delete this action and recreate that or delete this property to the collection and recreate it to reset the value to “no change”.
Other way is to create an other action after the original but only with the field true/false changed.
May be there is an other way to do it… or not.
If not may be it’s better to add this features.

What do you think?

Hey there @EvilDice

You answered the question yourself. This is the only way to do it. Delete the action and recreate the action.

This is a good idea to add to the feature requests: Feature Requests | Adalo

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