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Apologies if this issue has been posted before. Could find anything related on the forum.

I am still very new to Adalo and attempting to design my first app. Below are a few screenshots of the screen in question in the editor along with my current database I want the submission button to link to two separate pages based on the answers to the 4 questions.

‘Screen A’ if the question one is false.
‘Screen B’ if question one along with any of the other three questions are true.

How to I go about achieving this.


Hi @Mitrakj,

Where are you storing the answers relative to the user or patient? I think you might be missing that aspect for a survey of multiple users or patients.
I think I would have a number field in that collection. Then each question has a number attached to it from the ‘signs of labour collection’, call it ‘score’. When a toggle is true or false you can attach additional actions to update your ‘score’. The Submit button has conditional actions based on the value of ‘score’.

Strong contractions true = 10
All others if true = 1
All if false = 0

On your conditional action you can evaluate on the basis of less than 10 or greater than / equal to 10

Recently I’ve helped a forum member with a similar setup @emanolito
Check some of those threads and if you are still stuck you can find my booking calendar here

There are a couple of approaches to this, I’ve outlined one.

Hi @Rozza,

There is currently only one user for the app. I have omitted a login page.
I have added a property for ‘Score’ within my collection for ‘Signs of Labour’ and assigned a number to each record.
I have added a ‘switch’ component to my list of ‘Signs of Labour’ and I have added an action to the toggle whereby it will update the ‘Score’ if switched on/ off(true/false).
I have added a conditional action to the submit button so that it will lead to a different screen based on the score.
However upon testing, it only leads to the ‘Second Stage’ Screen when I hit submit.
Not sure what is the next step.



Hi @Mitrakj,

Just 2 cents:

  • in your initial question, you don’t address the issue when a user will answer “True” to the first question, but will NOT answer “True” to any of the following questions.
    You can’t discard such possibility as you don’t know what to expect from a user.
  • in your 2nd answer, you are adding 1 to a score every time the toggle is turned on. So if you turn on the toggle 3 times, you may result in the score of 3 (?).

Some UX changes may help to solve your issues. For example:

  • you can split the 1st screen into 2. On Screen 1 you ask the first question and have “Yes/No” options. Then based on the answer, you direct a user to Screen 2 (when “Yes”) with 3 more questions, or you direct a user to Screen 3 (when “No”). On the Screen 2 you can add more logic where to send a user next.
  • you can also use visibility conditions. E.g. when the answer for the 1st question is False, you don’t display other questions and display one button with a link to Screen 3 (make a group of following questions conditionally visible). And when the answer is True, hide the first button.

A side note: I am not a legal expert but my common sense makes me think that it’s a good idea to be very careful with the health apps. In some countries there could be legal requirements for the app which collect medical data. Moreover, if the app doesn’t work correctly and a user has some issues due to this, the app developer might be held liable. Just a heads-up :slight_smile:


Hi Kausie,

I find it takes longer to think and explain a problem like this in specific detail rather than jump right in an build it, find the problems, mistakes and then iterate. So if you want to share a clone of your app to me, I might spend 5 mins going over it.

My first step would be making the addition from the toggle switch conditional based on a count. Victor has alluded to the same. If there is no user attached to the data then I don’t see a problem from a health data perspective, but if you ever wanted to, then the standard most SaaS businesses aim for is HIPPA. Adalo wouldn’t meet that IMO, even if you used Xano for full users and tables backend, because all data is still routed via Adalo servers.

Hi @Victor,

Thank you very much for your advise. Will definitely take it on board.

Hi @Rossa,

I am currently working on another “quizz” app for which I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Sorry ‘by cloning’ do you mean to add you as a team member to the project? They are asking for an email address for me to be able to add you.

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This is what I mean

This way I can make changes that aren’t reflected in your actual app. You can DM the link to me if you prefer.

Hi @Rozza

Thank you, I’ll DM you. :+1:

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