Problem with conditional actions

I have app where users need to answer questions. So i have input field and button with two conditional actions. If answer is correct link goes to popup saying “Answer is correct”, if answer is wrong other link goes to other popup saying “Answer is wrong”.

When wrong answer is entered it works fine and leads to popup saying “Answer ir wrong”.
But when right answer is entered, at first try he answers that “answer is wrong” only when button is pressed second time it goes to popup “Answer is correct”.

Answer can have multiple variations so i have database containing them. So conditional action counts how many answers in database match the text in input field.

Basically it’s if/else functionality, but Adalo doesn’t have that so i use two conditional actions.

I can’t figure out whats wrong.

I created simple app replicating the problem i am facing.

If a correct answer is entered immediately, it is accepted as correct. But if the wrong answer is entered first and then the correct one, then the correct answer is not accepted the first time, only when the same correct answer is entered the second time it is accepted as correct.

Here is the video:

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