Truncate text on card list item


I’m working on a social app and want to keep a card list as clean as possible so ideally don’t want long posts taking up a large chunk of the list UI if that makes sense.

Is it possible to truncate text?.. dynamically display x number of characters from a post and then show a “more” action to link to a details screen with comments.


I think is not posible in card list.

But you can make your Custom list (ussing single componentes) and in the text partes you can set a fixed width and uncheck ten box (multi-line).

On this all the text need use the fixed space and after you can use a action for link the page whit the long comment.

Hi @Maxiogas

Thank you for your response. To confirm I did mean a custom list. I’ve created a card with an image header and a text component for for story/blog. Restricting to a single line (fixed width) is too short/restrictive but I’d like to limit to a specific number of characters or lines say around 5 lines. If the post exceeds this I then want to append a “More” action to link to a detail page. A bit like FB posts.

I think from what you’ve said this currently isn’t possible but I’d say is required behaviour for any social type App etc.

Hi @vikingrs6,

Yes this is not posible for now. For this kind of limits im use zapier or bubble for expand the options in Adalo.

I know the Adalo team be working in new properties for collections, maybe add something like this.

In another way, always recommend thinking in the main function, more like how you want look this in screen.

If you want sow a little of text, for now is better show in one line and limited to dont show nothing or cancel your project.

@Maxiogas thanks for the clarification. Can you confirm if this is something that’s within the properties work/in road map or shall I add it to the feature requests?

I’ll see if I can use Zapier as a workaround utilising a summary field but conscious of latency for the UX.

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