List multiple elements and hide content when length varies from one record to another

Hello guys,

I hope you’re doing great.

I’m working on a new app project on which I want to feature my articles.

To give a better experience, I’d like to populate content into small cards (as you can see on the screenshot).

Until now, I’ve created a database record structure with those columns : name / description / title card 1 / text card 1.

My questions are the following

  • is it possible to add a title card 2 / text card 2 / and so on within the same list ? or did you find any workaround ? I could do it without a list with just plain elements but then I’d have the issue below :arrow_down:

  • some articles will have 20 cards while others 5 cards, is there a way to hide content when there is no text inside ? I know you can hide visibility, but it requires to add a “contain” something. I could try to find a trick using a common letter like “a” or “e” but it is not 100% perfect.

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hi @Aki, You can create a list within a list

  • List 1 Title Card
    — List 2 Text Card, filter by Current Title Card -> Title
    Restrict List 2 to Max 5 to control size

Hello @karimoo,

Thanks for your reply.

Understood your point but how would it be reflected in the database ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No. This would restrict the number of items displayed on the screen.

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