Trying to Create a Leaderboard

So I have an app: and trying to set a number each time a person uses the generate button. Something like this:

  1. Add a certain value each time person hits ‘generate’ button
  2. Adds ‘100’ points
  3. On leaderboard show who is on-top according to points

Could anyone maybe point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Hi @sbcnyc,

Welcome to the Forum!

This video might be useful for you: Adalo quick help: how to display ranking position in the list (leaderboard-style) - YouTube. Not necessarily it will solve the problem but it may give you some ideas.

Also you can search on the forum with the keyword “Leaderboard” - there were several topics on this subject. Although keep in mind that creating leaderboard might be non-trivial sometimes.

Best regards, Victor.