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I want to create a leaderboard with users, can I create a list that has an automatic counter that shows who is in which place.

For example
1 user 214131
2 user 98977
3 user 0908898

Hello @ted1
Each time you display a list’s content, you can specify the sorting criteria:


Not knowing a lot about your application, I’d have to guess that you have in place some sort of ranking calculation that sets a numeric value to the Users’ database for each one of the registered users. If so, the sorting criteria of your list should be this raking - sorted from highest to lowest.

Hope it helps

Thanks, that’s what I know to do.
I would like to have a symbol at the front of the list that shows where the user ranks, and then data about the user. Sort of like a top ranking of all users

Hey @ted1,
If I get your request right, you can combine Magic Text elements in your list (considering that the ranking should be a field of your user database of linked to the user database):

  • First Magic Text would be the rank of the user
  • Second Magic Text the user info
  • Then you sort your list following the rank and you should have your users in the right order :slight_smile:

And if you want to display the rank info anywhere else in your app then it’s the same process.

Hope it’s clear and answers your request !

I want it to be automatically generated in which place the given person is according to the number of points he has. Since I have many users in the application, I only want it to generate the number of the position of the given person.

To generate the red numbers yourself the numbers in the list. This in the picture is a very simple show of how I want it to look.

Sorry for the bad explanation, my English is weak.

Hi @ted1,

@Victor covered you here! :

Just built a app too! : Leader-board

Thank you

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed

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