Count items in list (Display number)

Hiya guys, I thought this was going to be straight forward, but something is tripping me up here. Think leaderboard with numbers 1-X

Any thoughts? I’m obviously glossing over a detail :smiley:

trying to create a rank


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Hi @tbel :wave:

Like this?

Thank you

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Hi @tbel ,

To do this is not easy, but still doable.

Gamify the activity with points is on the rising, many small forums begin adapting something like this, it is starting beyond sports anymore.

It will take few weeks even months to get completed.

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Yeah, something like that, mind sharing your solution? Thx!

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Your welcome.

You can clone the app and see.

Thank you

Awesome thx! I didn’t see the clone button last checked, got it now! Appreciate it.

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Yeah I changed the setting now. Sorry and your welcome

Months? Why is that? and @dilon_perera Ok I see what you did here, but this is static and would need an onboarding solution to assign positional. numbers. That said I need something not assigned to the user as their positions changed like in a leaderboard, so when they drop or rise in the board the assign number won’t work if you know what I mean?

Thx for looking into it!

@dilon_perera Hmm actually give me a hacky idea, I can create a collection of the number of rows I want with positional numbers and place that to the side of my existing list. Thx that should “work” :slight_smile:


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How about Updating Logged in user Ranking. Like Ranking + 10,2, or any number.

Thank you

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Hmm ok I’ll test something

I think we might be looking at this incorrectly? :thinking: How would you count rows for instance? I think if there’s a formula or such to count rows we can display that row #

Hi @tbel,

Solving this task in general is definitely non-trivial, as @Yongki mentioned.

It required some effort from my side, though I think I’ve found the solution - see the video:

I’ll record the full explanation in a moment.



This is really good! Looking forward to your video. Always appreciated Victor!

Hi @tbel and everyone,

Et voila - here is the video description: Adalo quick help: how to display ranking position in the list (leaderboard-style) - YouTube

Hope it’ll be useful!


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“the simplest solution is almost always the best” But as you said finding that solution is the tough part! And you nailed it here. Thx so much Victor! Always appreciated for sure.


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Thank you! My pleasure:)

I got it working! :tada: Only thing I have to tweak is displaying the correct number when 2 or more results tie.

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Hi @Victor ,

Great work. :grinning:

It is a little bit different from my approach, but hey, if this is suitable, why not.

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Just another suggestion, since this method is manipulating numbers, to differentiate them you can add very small fraction like 0.00000001