Trying to create a Sub Type choice for users

For my application users need to be able to create an animal, choose what type of animal and then choose the sub type.
I have all this working. I created a user animal collection, an animal type collection (e.g. chicken, goat) and finally an animal sub type collection.
The records in the animal sub type correctly relate to their respective animal.
What I am expecting to happen is, when a user wants to create an animal, they choose the animal and then only see the sub type choices that are applicable to that animal. However, this is not happening. All the animal sub types are showing.
I think this is possibly a bug, but I could have something configured incorrectly.

Can you post a screenshot of how you have set this up. You will need to filter the animal subtype list/dropdown by what the user selected for Animal.

Sure, thank you.
Here are my DB:

For animal Sub type I created a link

When trying to create a filter for animal sub type, it seemed to have an infinite loop. Bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

That last image wasn’t correct.

Hey, You cannot do that in a single form.

Let me explain you why:

You asked the animal type in the first question and then want to ask the sub type.

But unless, the user clicks on the submit button below, the data will not be recorded in the database so you will not be able to use conditions on a field of the same form.

Ah makes sense. I will try that over the weekend. Thank you!
So I could just ask the animal type in the first form and then from within the animal (details) screen I could display the animal sub type question? Is that possible?


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Yep, that is the right way

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