Hi guys! :blush:

There is a problem I am facing, maybe it’s a stupid question (my first month on Adalo) but is it possible to have a dropdown (possibly inside a form), in which we select for example “sport” among a set of other activities, and then automatically in the dropdown below, you can select the type of sports “boxing”, “dance”…

Basically I’m talking about categories> subcategories. I don’t know if this is the right way to do it but I have created 2 collections: categories and subcategories, linked between them by a relationship (a category can have several subcategories, but a subcategory can have only one category).

So, I made a dropdown containing the categories, but I don’t know how to filter the second dropdown (containing the subcategories) so that it only contains the subcategories of activities belonging to the first selected category.

I’ll tell you if it can influence the answer, but the goal is that the user can create an event, and that he can choose from a set of activities > and sub-activities for his event.

And finally, is it possible to do this with a form, or just with the dropdown menu? (ideally, it would be with the form, because it could be on the same page as the creation of the event, which is already a form).

Thank you very much! :relaxed:

Hi @hiteshv,

You can’t do it in the Form, but you can set this up using 2 dropdowns. E.g.:

  • you have 2 collections: Categories and Subcategories, a Category can have many Subcategories
  • you add 1st dropdown, make it to display Categories
  • you add 2nd dropdown. You make it to display SubCategories, and add a filter so that Subcategory → Category → Name is equal to Other Components → Dropdown 1 → Category → Name.


thanks for the feedback but i really need to work this out in the form of ‘Form’ as it will create a listing of an item for my ecommerce app! any other solution for this problem?

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