Turn multiple lines into multiple list

Is there anyway to copy multiple lines, let’s say a paragraph and make each line a list (post app making/app already made). I want to copy a voucher list from a non “list format” to “list format” but typing each one would take me years to finish. I know it’s probably easier to link it to the random voucher generator but this is my first time making an app and this seems to be the easier solution for me.

Hi @Qwasieee ,

Use import from CSV in database collection editor.

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I didn’t know this, thanks. Although, I would want the users to be able to do that not just me. Or is there a trick to this that I don’t know.

Edit: ops I did not understand what CSV is.

If you create a screen for your user, who don’t you put input field and add an icon to add it to collection, similar like to-do list.

About CSV, you can read here,

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