Import Excel List

Have a nice good evening.
Can anybody help me further? I would like to add a list to a page in which various entries can be made and saved. That means I open the page, an input field should be opened in which the various points must be entered and entered in the list. Is that somehow possible in the basic version? Attached is an Excel list in which I have shown it. In the Excel list, there are formulas in the background that then show a result that should also be displayed. Thank you

Hello, if you would like to import this file to a collection in your database, you should have all the properties already created in the database, and then you download the collection csv file and edit it. And finally import it into the database again.

Thank you!

Is it then also possible to make entries and display them in a list? Unfortunately I have no experience in processing data and importing etc. or how I can do this.

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