Import Adalo Collection from one Adalo App to another

… it doesn’t look like this is possible… which is a real shame… The CSV import doesn’t even offer the option to create blank text fields from the CSV columns that don’t match to any destination field. Am I missing something, or is there another way of doing this? (i.e. Do I really have to re-create everysingle collection and relationship in my new Adalo App from my other Adalo App… both new Adalo 2.0 responsive Apps)

Hello, you can simply copy or share the database. No need to re-create every collection and relationship, or import through CSV.

Thank you!

Thanks, but what I want to do is create a new Adalo app from a template and THEN copy the DB from another Adalo app so that the Collections from the copied DB appear in my new App. Adalo doesn’t seem to be able to do that.