Turn your bookmarks into a search engine

(after first users giving feedback, this is an iteration of an already shown product)

Hello! :wave:

I have (big) problems finding out the best content on the internet.

After researching with friends and colleagues, I realized that their bookmarks were a gold mine.

Very well organized A++ content.

So, what if I turn those bookmarks into a search engine accessible by any user?

Hands on.

I’ve been working on a prototype called Queryhut: you can see it here.

It’s 100% free.

At the moment there is only one search engine (mine), called “road to scale”. Two colleagues are working on their own.

As user:

  • feel free to signup, vote content…

If you want to build your own search engine:

  • it’s still in private beta, but you can request for access if you find it interesting.

Take a look and give me your opinion.

Looking forward to your comments,