Turning a button into a list repeats

I have an External Collection with the data stored in Xano.

I have turned the button into a list so that I can access Current Data on the next screen.

However, the button repeats

And if I click filter, it opens a query parameter.

I tried to filter

name: id
value: 1

But it didn’t work.

I still get this group. Can anyone advise on how to make it only display 1 button?


Check that your filtering on xano is correct in the function stack. It should have the filter that input id = record db id. It’s quite an easy mistake to make to accidentally put something like input id = input id.


Checked and it’s not that.

It also Runs & Debugs fine in Xano


This is the Adalo setup

On the request history tab for the endpoint, does it show the id parameter passing through correctly?

Thanks, It shows the id parameter passing correctly.

Not sure what the output message is there for.


You seem to be passing an input called id from adalo, but the if-else statement is referencing an input called filter_id. The naming of the parameter on the Adalo side is incorrect, or just rename your input parameter (and subsequent references to it) on the Xano side.

and this is why you are the :goat:

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