How do I create a custom filter in a list?

Hi, I was waching adalo lists course, and I wanted to do the same. In the course he did a list with a custom filter like this:

And when I came into my app editor I have just query parameters, every time when I try to create a custom filter, there comes a query parameter:

Why is it like that?
Is it an update? Or I need a higher plan?
I do not like this type of filter, because you do not know how you filter the list, you can just choose a data and wait to see what happends.

External collections :wink:
You need to pass these params to your backend where the filtering is done.

Hmm so, how do I do this?

I have connected my two APIs to Xano. And I need to show one of them and on click on item i want to show it’s details by name from the other API.

It is frustrating, because Adalo lets you send data from selected item to another screen, not to your database to get the item from other list.

Query Param = Filter

In your Xano endpoint setup the inputs you need.
Create those inputs (query params) on your Adalo list.

You can’t cross from one collection to another in Adalo like that. You would have to pass the record ID and filter a list to get to the other collection record. Better to have Xano serve up an endpoint GET/ID of the combined tables. You need a provision to create a uniqueID for each record in the combined output.

Yes, that would be working, but client wanted to have it just okclick, without entering any params.

But how can I get custom filter? Like in the course.

If I follow correctly.
Collection A
Collection B

Both being returned by Xano as Collection X

You are showing a list of Collection X and want to show the detail screen of A/id or B/id. Which is easily done with some logic in the Xano function stack, so long as the record ID is unique.

The other way I might approach this without an instertstical button (from list, as I described earlier) would be a list of ‘A’ that is filtered based on id, the list only returns one item and is infact the ‘detail’ view for ‘A’.

Imagine a full screen list custom list that is filtered to one record.
As with anything there are many way to achieve the same outcome.

Yes, colection A and B, but I want to filter B by A/ID.

The method described, if I understand corectly, amm adalo do not like this, I cannot connect an External collection with just one item, it gives me an error.

You are correct. You cannot make an external collection of GET/id
You need a GET ALL, and this can return only 1 item in the list.

I would make a GET ALL in Xano for A and B, with optional input of “id”. Then pass that id from Adalo as a param, when it is empty you get a list of all, when it is a valid record ID, you get just one record returned.

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Ok, you were right. I managed to create a query on my api to get just one element. I did’nt know that it is reffering to a API param to backand, because I tryed somethig before and it did not work. But now I understand it. Thanks a lot!

Awesome. Glad you got there :+1:

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