Two list in one screen

in the showcase tab on site i see app with name “Collaborate & Communicate”
that use kind of two list in one screen like the image below that have list of student and list of leader…

how do i do this?

Two different screens - use the titles to navigate between them with transition set to ‘none’ - this will have the look/feel of acting like tabs.

can you more specific ? i do not really understand you…

@moshe212, Adalo doesn’t support tabs right out of the box, so you have to work around the issue.

Firstly, create your two screens:

I have grouped together a white background simple shape, a coloured bar and a text title. The white background is 60px high and the coloured bar is 5px high:

I have done the same for all four groups, though I won’t be using two of them here.

On the Tab 1 screen, you need the “Tab 2” tab to take you to the Tab 2 screen:

On the Tab 2 screen, you need the “Tab 1” tab to take you to the Tab 1 screen:

In each case, you should set the ‘Transition’ to “None”. This will make them ‘feel’ like tabs, though you are, in reality, navigating between two screens:


Thank you.
How do you do that the tab i on him Chang the color of line?

The line is actually another rectangle. On screen 1, I have the ‘active’ line set to green for Tab 1:

On Screen 2, I have that set to light grey:

And vice-versa for the other rectangles.


No issues at all making these screens - very straightforward. However, if I am pushing data from a form to one of the screens, how do I get the data to show up in both? Right now, the data shows up in the 1st tab, but not the 2nd.

Any ideas?

Hi @klug,

Could you please explain your screens flow?
There are several possible workarounds, but more info is needed.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks Victor. Basically the workflow is this.

Screen 1: Build a recipe (about 30 fields in a single form)
Screen 2: View Recipe (Tab 1 - ingredients)
Screen 3: View Recipe (Tab 2 - instructions)

Because there are so many fields to be used in Screen 1, I actually created a second screen to break that form into two separate forms. So, Form 1 is Recipe - Ingredients. And Form 2 is Recipe - Instructions.

The problem is that when I try to view a list of all the recipes in their final form (on a home page for example) there ends up being two separate recipes for each actual recipe. One recipe has just the instructions, and one has just the ingredients.

So, I guess the question is this:

Can I have multiple forms dump to a single recipe - and if so can I still have those two tabs like you’ve done here in this post?

Hi @klug,

It seems you have “Create Recipe” form action on both screens, that’s why you end up with 2 recipes.
The workarounds could be:
A. make a screens’ flow work like:

  • Screen 1 with Ingredients part, action is Create New recipe and link to Screen 2;
  • Screen 2 with Instructions part, action is Update Current recipe and link to Screen 3;
  • On Screen 3 you have current recipe and can display it.

B. As an alternative, you can create the new recipe before going to Screen 1 (you can have a Add Recipe button on some other screen). So on that screen you add an action of Create Recipe and Link to Screen 1. And then on both Screen 1 and 2 you can use Update Current recipe in the forms.

Best regards, Victor.