Screens can be turned into lists?

Hi, I just relisted that you can turn a screen into a list! I am curious as to what the benefit of this is. Has anyone used this feature? If so, do you have an example? This could be really cool but I have ADHD and I’m afraid that I’ll get drawn down into the rabbit hole and neglect my project if I start playing with it.

Hi John,

I believe this is a bug and you cannot actually make a screen into a list.

You can densign a list by adding different components then select them all and click make list. This is a quick way of making custom lists.

Hope this helps.


No, I understand how you make a custom list but this isn’t the same thing. Just click on the top of a screen and them click the more button (3 vertical dots) to the right of where you click to change the name of the screens. I assumed that collections in the database being able to have relationships with themselves was a bug as well but it seems I was wrong about that too. If this is a bug I would love a comment from someone that actually works for Adalo. On a side note; how is Adalo pronounced? Uh-dial-o?

Hi John,

I know it is not the same thing, I was simply pointing out the difference. I know what you are referring to and I have tested it and it doesnt seem to do anything which is what leads me to believe it is a bug and should not be an available option, I could be wrong so would recommend you submit a support ticket if you need clarification which you can do here Submit a Support Ticket

You can also hear how Adalo is pronounced by watching one of Adalo’s videos on youtube.


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So I think I figured out a way it benefits us and I am going to attempt to play with it shortly. Here’s what I’m thinking…

Lets say you have two user types when you start building your app; Contractors and Homeowners.

Your splash screen has a drop menu asking what type of user they are. Making a selection takes them to the correct signup screen.

Now assume you later add a new user type, suppliers.

Adding suppliers to the “User Type” catalog will automatically add Suppliers to the drop menu on the splash screen as well as creating a new signup page that could have a custom form with different signup credentials…

… okay, this might not work exactly this way but I think i’m on to something and my head hurts too much to think more right now. Give me your thoughts!