Two-table relationship does not work

Just starting in ADALO, I need help for a query … When I make a relation between two tables, the relation field always appears blank and I must manually enter a field to then run the relation.
First I have created the tables, then I upload the CSV file, then I make the relation but it doesn’t run until I need to fill the relation field. Thanks for the answer and I hope you have let me understand.


Uploading csv doesn’t automatically bind the relationship between tables. You need perform actions from your app.

Ex: if you have 2 tables users & orders and they have a relationship 1:many.

You need to assign that relationship via an action, i.e. when the order is placed, update the order to logged in user. This create a relationship between order and user.

I hope this will help, if you need further clarification, please share screenshots of your setup and actions.

You’ll get the required help from the community.

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Can you please help me solve this? My app’s screen names are not visible so I’m not able to drag my screens. Please help me solve this issue!:pray:


I appreciate the clarification.

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