"This action will only happen if ..." attibute doesn't have not contains


I developing a mobile app using the existing api and I need User authentication from external API. I’ve filled beta from of Adalo but yet it isn’t approved.

I did some research to solve the problem with the available facilities and as a result I decided to use adalo’s internal user structure as well.

When the user fills in the login form, it sends a request to the external API and creates a record in the adalo user table. Thus, we will have registered every user in our database in the adalo user table. But since I do this every time, I wanted to add a filter here so that the adalo user table does not create records again when the user wants to login for the second time. When we expand the advance settings in the Create Action section, the “This action will only happen if …” filter “does not contain”.

Basically what I want to do is returning an email list with multiple elements from an endpoint. In Advanced settings, I want to check whether the email received in the Login form is in this list or not.

Hi @koksalrigel,

I guess you will need to build a “custom form” for that (use input fields and button).
And then you could set up the conditional action for the button like: Users → Count, add filter “User → Email” is equal to InputEmail’s value.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor,

Thanks for reply. I don’t use adalo login system. But, when I set up the conditional system, filter waits me only logged-in information(email, username…). Beacuse of I haven’t login yet, logged-in.email should be empty. You said it should expect “InputEmail’s value” but I don’t see this option.

Hi @koksalrigel,

Not sure I got your question correctly then.

In your post you mention that you use Adalo’s internal user structure, also you say that when “user fills in the login form, it sends a request to the external API and creates a record in the adalo user table”.

And as I understood your further requirement, you’d like to avoid having same records to be created twice in Adalo’s user table.

When you use “Create User” action on a button, you can always make it conditional so that 2nd record of the user will not be created in Adalo, if the user with the same email already exists:

As I mentioned in my previous answer, it is not possible to have this in the Form, you have to use separate Input Field and Button for that.

Best regards, Victor