My app is making me enter login details twice

I’m doing various testing by logging into different user accounts which have different roles to make sure permissions are working and a lot of times (not always), I enter the login details, click login and it just wipes the email and password field (no incorrect details message). Once I enter the login details again it logs in fine.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Hi @jpotts,

Could you please show the actions which are connected to your “Login” button?

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor,

So for context I have a ‘Create new user’ form setup so that certain users can add new users (didn’t use a regular form as this was then logging the user who added the new user in as that new user), this form auto sets the user’s password to “temppassword” - I also have a True/False record for each user “Has temp password” where True is set each time a new user is added via this ^ method.


  1. Log In
  2. Link Login Logic - this is a page setup which directs the user to a page based on their Role only IF the user’s “Has temp password” record is FALSE
  3. Link Set My Password - This links the user to a modal screen to force them to update their password and is set to only link to the page IF the user’s “Has temp password” record is TRUE. After setting a new password, their “Has temp password” record sets to FALSE.

Let me know if you need any more info :slight_smile:

Hi @jpotts,

Due to Adalo internal limitations, conditional actions do not work well after login. You can search the forum - there were several posts about that. For example, this one Initiate forgot password email and process manually - #6 by paulh or the original one which is dated summer’20 - see here Problem restricting users without access code.

So most probably you’re facing this issue.

I’d advise to set up a separate “routing” screen and put users’ “redirections” there. You can use the principle similar to the one in this tutorial: Tutorials: users and admin access to different screens

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.

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As Victor said, it seems you need to create an interim screen rather than put the logic in on login and put the conditionals on that. Here’s how mine looks.

Also, make sure you have your user collection permissions set to everyone if you’re allowing another user to add a new user, this also caused issues until I changed the email and password (and any other settings updated by another user) to everyone.

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I have experienced this when building a marketplace…2 user types

I followed a tutorial from Adalo, and I had that login problem. — guess it hasn’t been fixed.
Luckily, it isn’t hard to fix.

USE the 3rd or 4th method:

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Thanks you all very much, adding my logic onto a separate page has resolved the problem.


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