UI help - background blur

Hi, all!

I’m hoping to find a way to make a transparent blurred background for my app to use as a component background.
Does anyone know how to do this, have any design/front-end resource suggestions, or know if it’s even possible to create without building a full component?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, you can change the transparency of a background colour, but to blur it you’d either have to create something in photoshop and import it as a photo or it might be possible to get someone to make a component…but I’m not sure if that’s even possible (it would be in CSS, so I’d have thought it’d be possible in React Native/Javascript)


Thank you so much for your response!
Yes, I agree with you - I’ve been looking into it for about a week now and haven’t found a simple solution that could be implemented without building a new component.
In any case - thanks for sharing your thoughts. :blush: