Unable to verify App Store Connect credentials


I am following the instructions here to start my iOS app build in Adalo.

After carefully entering the requested information and providing the 2FA code, I receive the prompt, ‘We weren’t able to verify your App Store Connect Credentials.’ I have carefully checked the credentials many times, but I am still receiving the error.

Please help. Thank you!

Our team is looking into it and will get back to you ASAP.

@Ben Thank you so much!! Hopefully, the issue can be resolved soon. We would like to share the iOS app for beta testing with some users.

@Ben I just tried an iOS app build, and the credential verification process was successful. But the build keeps failing. The error message I get, Error: Command failed: yarn add @protonapp/barchart-component.

I filed a ticket via the support email id. I have attached the full log message as well. I hope it is a minor issue and can be resolved soon.

This was addressed and I do show that there is a successful build in your account. Thank you for your patience.

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