Unique Usernames AND Emails

Hi, All.

Does anyone know how to make it to where on signup both the username AND email fields are checked against the database for uniqueness?

I have

Emails and usernames are always checked.

That cant be true. I can create two accounts and they can have the same username. I think there is only one field that is unique in Adalo.

You can rename your email field to Username then it can be unique, but then where you enter the email wont be.

I was trying to find a way where both are unique fields.

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This is how I did it. I think it was one of @Victor’s solutions… I have it applied to a message. You can set the filter to username too I assume.

That makes sense. I’ll try it out, thanks!

Unfortunately I cannot get this to work.

@Victor any chance youve used this method to check against usernames in the DB so that a duplicate username cannot be created?

I’d like this to be done at signup

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I got it. I must have had something not quite right when trying the first time. It is not a form, but rather just three input boxes (with text above) and a button.

For anyone needing this solution here are some screen shots:

Signup Screen:

Page components:

Warning text (email):

Warning text (username):

Signup Button:


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