Unique usernames

Hi, it’s possible that “Username” field is unique on signup?
I mean, if I signup as “mnlt” no one can choose the same username

Thank you!

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You can build a manual check of this, but there is nothing built in to do it. I think someone posted on Slack about how to do this recently

ups, I’am not in the Adalo’s Slack, any idea about how to build it?

Than you so much!

I’m curious if anyone has figured this out. @TonyD, what is the manual check you’re talking about?

I never played with it… so sorry I can’t be of help, but it would be a great feature for Adalo to add.

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Currently this is set up for email addresses only.

You could change this to username or anything else for instance by recreating the form manually using input fields and then using conditional actions to proceed to separate screens depending if that username was taken or not.

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I would love this as a feature in Adalo - making it so you can create unique usernames!

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Is this when each part of the form is an input that updates a form?

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