Duplicate username problem

I am falling into a problem where users can sign up and make an account, and set the same usernames as each other. I can’t seem to add a field to the username through the sign up form and not allow the same username. Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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any pro to help on this could really be of big help


Yes we need this solution

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You can create a conditional action on the form to only allow the signup process to happen if the chosen username is not equal to usernames.

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I attempted to do what you said but it doesn’t seem like there is an option to add any other conditional actions.

Is there a way around this?

Instead of using the form component you will need to create the form manually with input fields.


Hi @Michael,

For the reference - you might find this thread useful, especially later posts: Sign up without email
Also, there is a video related to this question: https://youtu.be/vAtLX_Rl_18

As for me, when implementing username sign-up, I’ve decided to fill in the email field as well (automatically, with the same value as username), to keep the user uniqueness. I guess that only email field is checked automatically for that.


Thanks Victor,

That was helpful. Just checked out your YouTube too and subscribed.
Looking forward to future tutorials.

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How exactly are you supposed to do this?

Hi @XaverRavr,

You can use several “Input” and “Button” components instead of using “Forms” component.
And then attach the required action for the Button.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks, I watched your video, it really helped! :star_struck:

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